Welcome to the Worthy Prayer Team!

To get started: You must first register or login!

Then, submit your prayer request. Please be patient, as it will then need to be reviewed and validated by one of our moderators and placed in its proper category. It may take a few minutes before it is posted. After a week's time, you will receive an email saying that your prayer request was prayed for XXXX amount of times this week. You will then have the option to either resubmit your request - OR hopefully submit a praise report! This is in order that we can keep our records up to date.

We encourage you to log onto The Worthy Prayer Team to pray for others as well as make requests! After you have interceded for a prayer request, just simply check the box to its right saying "I prayed for this!" at which point the request will disappear, indicating to us that we can add your prayer to the tally!

"The Worthy Prayer Team" system will tally the amount of times for which all the submitted prayer requests were prayed and the total of how many were answered!

This project is completely integrated into the Worthy Boards/Worthy Chat membership database for your convenience. We promise to keep all your personal information completely confidential.

We will accept prayer requests for:

We will reject prayer requests dealing with:

  • Victory for Your Favorite Sports Team
  • Bad Things to Happen to Other People, Organizations or Countries
  • Winning the Lottery
  • Any Request for Specific Dollar Amounts